Having rescued more than 5000 trafficked children and adults, I decided to reflect on the impact I may have created. I realized it’s important to measure the impact and figure out what’s working well towards developing our communities and what needs to be improved.

As a human rights activist working to curb issues like human trafficking, gender-based violence, migration-related conflicts, and social injustice, I realized that all these social evils are interconnected. Instead of addressing these issues one at a time, we need to adopt a holistic approach to solving these problems. Also, I realized we need to create awareness about this approach and its merits.

One mantra that I have followed in my life is “Each one, Teach one.” While it is difficult to reach everyone, it is easy to reach out to one person. That one uplifted person can reach out to at least 10 more, then 10 reaches 100, and so on. Thus, we can change the world by compounding the impact.

As an organization, we believe we can make this world a better place in this way. Impact and Dialogue Foundation (IDF) is a product of this belief. The objective of Impact & Dialogue Foundation is to create a durable impact that influences the population of an entire community by empowering and uplifting few individuals.

The twin pillars of our organization – Impact and Dialogue – are critical for ushering in positive changes in society. At IDF, we believe that impact should be holistic and long-lasting and can be achieved by engaging all concerned into purposeful dialogue.


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