Our Objectives

The objective of the Impact & Dialogue Foundation is to create a durable impact that influences the population of an entire community by empowering and uplifting all individuals.

The twin pillars of our organization – Impact and Dialogue – are critical for ushering in positive changes in the society. At IDF, we believe that impact should be holistic and long-lasting and can be achieved only by engaging all concerned stakeholders in purposeful dialogue. IDF has focussed on sustainable development goals. As a result, SDG1, SDG2, SDG3, SD4, SDG5, SDG8, and SDG10, are its primary focus.

no poverty


zero hunger


good health


quality education


gender equality


Our Mantra

“Each one, teach one.”

While it is difficult to reach everyone, it is easy to reach out to one person. That one uplifted person can reach out to at least 10 more, then those 10 reaches out to 100, and so on. Thus, we can change the world by compounding the impact.

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Head office address:

4671 Sugar Camp Road, Rock Street, San Francisco, United States America

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Mobile-no: 507-754-2294 // 205-234-5590 Phone-no: +(113) 526 255 // +(254) 255 699

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Website-url: www.example_1234.com // Email-link: info@domain.com

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    We collaborate and invite volunteers to work with us and impact on grassroot level with lot of diverse experiences. 

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    We collaborate and invite volunteers to work with us and impact on grassroot level with lot of diverse experiences.