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adults & children rescued
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survivors counselled and rehabilitated
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Our Vision

A world free from human trafficking, modern slavery, and discrimination

Our Mission

1. Nurture and give momentum to a popular movement to eradicate human trafficking and modern slavery.

2. Ensure a safe and equitable future for at-risk populations.

3. Create a sustainable model for fighting human trafficking that the world can emulate.

About Us

Impact and Dialogue Foundation (IDF) is a public charitable trust with registration number 960/2020 (dated 23-12-2020). IDF currently works to prevent human trafficking and modern slavery, rescue victims, and rehabilitate survivors across India. But this journey of creating impact through dialogue started with an interesting story. Would you like to know? Watch this video.

Our Projects

Empowering Humanity. Enriching lives.


Transforming lives through prevention


Liberating lives through rescue activities


Empowering lives through rehabilitation

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