Together, let’s make the world a better place—one act of kindness at a time. You can choose to provide care for those in pain, inspire people, provide shelter to those in need, or support survivors. Your small contribution can bring a big change in many distressed lives.

Choose a project below, take action, and witness the transformative impact of your efforts!

Project Sahay

Project Sahay stands as a beacon of hope and transformation for the trafficked survivors. Dedicated to the rehabilitation of survivors rescued from human trafficking, Project Sahay goes beyond mere rescue missions. It envisions a comprehensive approach to healing and empowerment, ensuring survivors not only escape the clutches of exploitation but also regain control of their lives.


Rehabilitated 2000+ women through counseling across India. 60 women have been upskilled in Assam and another 60 women are currently undergoing vocational training in West Bengal.

Help us rehabilitate survivors and support at-risk communities.

Project Uddhaar

In the shadows where despair lurks, and innocence is stolen, Project Uddhar emerges as a powerful force committed to rescuing children, youth, and women from the clutches of social evils. We are on a mission to combat the growing atrocities against the marginalized sections of society against prostitution, forced marriage, child marriage, bride trafficking, and organ harvesting.


Rescued 10,000+ women, teenagers, and children across India from trafficking and other crimes.

Help us conduct more raids and actively intervene to rescue more individuals.

Project Suraksha

Project Suraksha envisions a society where prevention takes precedence over ignorance to deal with the growing human trafficking issues in India. The initiative aims to reduce vulnerabilities, enhance resilience, and create a safer, more secure environment by fostering a culture of readiness through education, training, and community engagement. 


Educated 100,000+ people across India with training sessions, outreach initiatives, awareness programmes, and sensitization workshops. Trained 5000+ police officers in identifying and processing trafficking cases.

Help us reach out and create awareness among remote communities, students, and law enforcement agencies.

You can also pay us directly via our bank account

Impact and Dialogue Foundation

Bank: South Indian Bank

Branch: Guwahati

Account number: 0473073000000486

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